Custodian invests in low latency dark fibre network

Custodian can provide sub 0.4m/s latency to London Docklands giving inner London connectivity levels in a safe outer London location.

Custodian can provide power, space and now any level of connectivity its customers require. The investment into the new resilient dark fibre network means that Custodian now has the ability to control scalability and support customers with 10G MPLS and VPLS between its data centre sites. Custodian can also provide a new menu of wavelength services including fibre channel wavelengths.

Custodian’s capability to manage its own fibre means that it can minimise delays on the line as it controls the end-to-end service. The allocated fibre is separate from any other service thus providing clients with complete security.

For customers requiring high availability systems, high speed data replication, fast disaster recovery services and extensive virtual infrastructure the new Custodian dark fibre network when coupled with its data centre can provide stunning connectivity and state-of-the-art colocation ranging from part racks through to entire data halls.

Custodian CEO Rowland Kinch said, ‘The dark fibre investment made by Custodian underlines our commitment to provide our clients with the best solutions to enable them and ourselves to grow our businesses effectively and efficiently.’

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