DCspine deploys PoP in new Amsterdam facility Datacenter.com


Datacenter.com has announced that DCspine has opened a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Datacenter.com’s new Amsterdam facility. DCspine is an on-demand, fully automated, scalable, high capacity data centre interconnection platform designed for the cloud era. It delivers a virtual Meet-Me-Room (MMR) interconnecting more than thirty Netherlands-based data centres through software-defined networking.

Developed and owned by Eurofiber Group, a Netherlands-based provider of digital infrastructure services in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, DCspine is a high capacity, ‘Terabit’ interconnection platform designed to innovate data centre interconnection in the Netherlands and beyond. Eurofiber has invested several millions of euros in its DCspine platform to provide carrier-neutral data centres and its customers with the flexibility required to optimise cloud service delivery and meet the requirements set by on-demand services models.

The DCspine PoP being deployed in Datacenter.com’s new Amsterdam facility would allow Datacenter.com customers to establish easy, fast and cost efficient cross-connections (up to 100G per connection) with other data centres in the Amsterdam region and beyond. DCspine can be seen as a Meet Me Room (MMR) for all connected data centres. The online portal offers Datacenter.com customers the opportunity to establish connectivity ‘on-demand’ with other data centres in both the Amsterdam metropolitan area as well as deeper to the edge of the network.


Cloud service providers

The DCspine Point-of-Presence allows Datacenter.com customers to easily deploy disaster recovery (DR) data centre locations thus executing their business continuity plans. It also enables them to ensure network continuity and uptime guarantees during IT infrastructure migration to the Datacenter.com AMS1 facility. The DCspine platform would provide its services truly on-demand, as connectivity products purchased through the DCspine online portal – such as bandwidth or a point-to-multipoint connection – can be ordered, adjusted or deleted at any time 24/7.

“Eurofiber has developed the DCspine interconnection platform to capitalise on the need for highly flexible data centre connectivity required by cloud service providers,” says Bart Oskam, CTO of the Eurofiber Group.

“We applaud Datacenter.com for entering our growing partner ecosystem of interconnected data centres via software defined networking. We expect cloud services providers present in Datacenter.com AMS1 to appreciate our investments in the DCspine interconnection platform.”


On-demand data centre infrastructure

With the deployment of a PoP in Datacenter.com’s new Amsterdam data centre, DCspine has expanded its ecosystem of data centres to over thirty connected facilities in the Netherlands. Next to Datacenter.com, the data centre ecosystem includes companies like Equinix, Interxion, EvoSwitch, NLDC, Digital Realty, Alticom, Dataplace, and now also Datacenter.com. DCspine will further invest in connecting other data centre locations.

Part of a planned targeted global roll-out of large-scale colocation data centres in selected markets, Datacenter.com’s Amsterdam flagship facility opened in Q4 2017 will total 54,000ft2 (5,000m2) colocation space upon completion. Datacenter.com AMS1 features a highly energy-efficient design with a calculated pPUE figure of 1.04. Other Datacenter.com facility locations worldwide are soon to follow.


Start Direct cabinets

“DCspine is a highly innovative interconnection platform that fully meets our expectations when it comes to establishing flexible and scalable data centre and networking infrastructure,” says Jochem Steman, CEO of Datacenter.com.

“Also DCspine’s flexible contract terms make this interconnection platform a seamless extension to our own on-demand colocation capabilities, as Datacenter.com is uniquely offering Start Direct Cabinets – a pay-as-you-go colocation offering with month-to-month contract terms. Infrastructural and contractual flexibility will help cloud service providers achieve true elasticity within the Datacenter.com colocation environment.”

“DCspine is actually revolutionising the colocation data centre market in the Netherlands”

“They are taking a concept like cloud-neutrality to the next level by adding a new level of independence, data centre neutrality. Strengthening our own on-demand colocation delivery model, this will allow Datacenter.com customers to instantly and flexibly interconnect with other colocation data centres in the Amsterdam region and also a wide variety of edge locations in the Netherlands.”