Eighty-five per cent of enterprises say cloud has lived up to the hype

Eighty-five per cent say cloud had lived up to industry hype, with 23 per cent declaring that cloud had exceeded their expectations.
According to the global survey, this groundswell of positive opinion has been contributed to by enterprises experiencing tangible benefits when using cloud services – with 83 per cent of enterprises feeling they have experienced benefits they did not expect to see. The most popular of these benefits cited by respondents were: increased productivity (69 per cent), better access to data (65 per cent), and reductions in costs (63 per cent).

The findings also showed that by 2024 off-premises storage will have overtaken on-premises alternatives, with enterprises forecast on average to have 58 per cent of their compute and data storage held in the cloud in 10 years’ time compared with 28 per cent currently. When asked how much of their IT provision would be stored in private cloud specifically by 2024, respondents predicted an average of 52 per cent – highlighting the dominance of private cloud storage. However, 94 per cent of respondents say they would be more likely to adopt a hybrid cloud computing model if connections with the public cloud were more predictable.

Furthermore, the research suggests that enterprises are realising competitive advantages from cloud deployments. Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) of respondents said using the cloud had led to increased speed of access to technology.In terms of streamlining business processes, over two thirds (67 per cent) have experienced reduced delivery times to clients and partners. Fifty-four per cent have seen the delivery time of new services to new markets and/or geographies reduced.

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