Nlyte translates DCIM for Dummies into French


Nlyte Software has announced it’s translating industry best-seller DCIM for Dummies into French. In partnership with John Wiley & Sons, publisher of the world renowned For Dummies reference series, the industry manual outlines how data centre professionals can derive maximum value when selecting, integrating and deploying infrastructure management solutions.

The global data centre infrastructure management market is set to reach $1650.82 million by 2021 with more and more data centres needing intelligent and automated IT infrastructure oversight. This new translation means those operating in 29 countries including France, Canada and Belgium have their own personal guide – written in their native tongue – navigating them through the critical issues of data centre management.

As a Gartner DCIM Magic Quadrant Leader, Nlyte continues to drive conversation, implementation and revolution in the DCIM market – with this translation being just one of the many steps to providing greater education among those that need it most.

Mark Gaydos, chief marketing officer at Nlyte Software comments, “Over two years ago we released DCIM for Dummies, and to see it translated into French on the back of its popularity makes us incredibly proud.”

“DCIM has moved from becoming a ‘nice to have’ to an industry necessity with organisations needing to integrate DCIM into business practices for change management. This is where DCIM for Dummies comes in. Each and every page outlines best practices to realise effective automated data centre operations.”