Littelfuse surge protection: Improve system reliability and lower maintenance costs


Base Station power line protection devices help prevent service disruptions to customers, improve system reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Wireless network base stations need protection from over voltage and over currents which can be caused by lightning and power line accidents and other disturbances. Base stations are often located in remote and lightning-prone areas, where access to quick and efficient repair is difficult and expensive. Using appropriate protective circuits and devices will lower damage risks.


Power input line risks and protection

The main sources of danger to wireless network base stations are lightning and power faults. A strike directly to or nearby the tower can produce high voltages and cause huge currents to flow through the power input lines. Similar surges can be produced by short circuits to higher-voltage transmission lines and switching transients. The resulting damage will incur repair time, service downtime and disruptions to customers.

The most appropriate protection for these power input lines are a combination of fuses and high power TVS Diodes installed in the AC power distribution box.

Using appropriate protective devices improves reliability and minimises field service calls.


Littelfuse AK/LTKAK Series TVS Diodes

Littelfuse AK/LTKAK Series high energy TVS Diodes offer superior clamping performance over standard Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) Technologies.

The AK/LTKAK Series offers unique characteristics which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage and above the rated working voltage. Any voltage rise due to increased current conduction is contained to a minimum, providing the best possible protection level.

Littelfuse AK/LTKAK Series TVS Diodes can also be connected in series and/or parallel to create very high capacity protection solutions.

Higi Power AK Series TVS Diodes offers a better and solution than more conventional overvoltage protection methods, while the latest surface mounted version LTKAK series offer a low profile, reflow solderable option for compact space requirement.

Littelfuse high power AK/LTKAK Series TVS Diodes were specifically designed for high energy transient voltage protection applications


  • Cell Phone Base Stations
  • Industrial Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSSs)
  • Defence and avionics
  • Power grid and distribution systems
  • AC/ DC power line circuit protection


Compared to conventional Technology, the AK/ LTKAK series offers

  • Precise clamping voltage
  • No wear-out mechanism
  • Lower leakage
  • Faster response
  • Compact design
  • Truly surface mountable package option for LTKAK series
  • Improved lead inductance for LTKAK series
  • Improved heat sink capability for LTKAK series
  • Total power consumption saving and easy design by using AK/LTKAK series that eliminate inductor design