Research reveals IT professionals’ web hosting priorities

The study, which canvassed the opinions of 250 UK and 300 US based IT decision makers, was commissioned by Peer 1 Hosting as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing uncompromising web hosting service to businesses.

The study revealed:

·         80 per cent would not compromise on security even if it meant lower prices

·         Over half would not compromise on speed even if it meant lower prices

·         Over 90 per cent would not compromise on customer service, even if it meant lower prices

As part of the research Peer 1 Hosting wanted to understand the extent to which price is a factor when considering which web hosting provider to use.
When asked, ‘How likely is it that a price cut from another hosting provider would cause you to change hosting provider?’ – 23 per cent of respondents from both the US and the UK stated that it was ‘highly’ or ‘somewhat’ likely. Forty-three per cent of respondents from both regions said it would be ‘extremely unlikely’ or ‘unlikely’ that a price cut would lead them to make a change.

Additionally, 60 per cent of UK and 50 per cent of US respondents said that this hosting price war was ‘not to be trusted’, ‘confusing’, or ‘annoying’.
Across both the UK and the US, when asked to rank the most important factors when choosing a hosting provider, both security and customer service came out on top.

Sheila Bouman, executive vice president and managing director, Peer 1 Hosting, said, ‘The web hosting industry is evolving and so are the expectations of those whose role it is to select the right partner for their business. As a global web hosting provider it is vital that we understand and deliver what customers want and need to support their business goals. It is clear that whilst there is a role for web hosting that is delivered at a low cost, there are also areas and services that IT professionals are not prepared to compromise on.’

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