UK public sector’s knowledge of g-cloud still cloudy

The survey, which was conducted at civil service live in july, has raised concerns over the public sector’s continued lack of g-cloud awareness.

The survey has unearthed that although the framework is now in its fifth iteration, the uk government is still not doing enough to educate civil servants on the benefits of using the procurement platform. In fact, three quarters (75 per cent) of public sector professionals were unaware of the many advantages of procuring through the framework.

Campbell williams, group strategy and marketing director at 6dg, explained, ‘these statistics demonstrate that as we move towards the end of 2014, the government still needs to do a lot more to educate all public sector departments on g-cloud. The initiative has the power to transform radically how authorities interact with cloud providers. However, as the findings from both surveys have shown, the public sector remains unaware of the many benefits that using the g-cloud framework can provide.’

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